Un-commonplace Communication

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Intertwined in the fabric of our business is communication. A clear understanding between managers and employees is imperative for success. At aCoupleofGurus, we value everybody—and we are very intentional about letting them know it.  Most companies have expectations of their employees, whether overt or simply implied. But what happens when there is a misalignment of expectations? People quit, bosses are disheartened, time is wasted, and money is lost. We have chosen to proactively avoid these problems by discussing expectations early and often. For example, over the last month, members of the management team met with employees to develop each individual’s annual Strategic Plan. The resulting document lays out not only expectations management has of employees, but also provides a forum for employees to lay out their expectations of management. It’s a two-way deal, a transactional approach where communication occurs simultaneously. Expectations are also weighted for priority. My boss’ expectations are divvied up as 25% on Goal A, 10% on Goal B, and 65% on Goal C. It let me know that when it came to Goal C, last was not least! I did the same with him, ranking and prioritizing my expectations of him. Through this process, misaligned expectations are eliminated.  Just as proactive maintenance keeps your business systems running smoothly, intentional communication about expectations keeps your vital business relationships on track.