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Co-Managed IT Services

Extra support for your existing IT department to give them a much needed boost.

Give Your Technology Team the Benefit of Co-Managed IT

An internal IT department can be helpful to any organization, but as they grow and scale, the responsibilities of their IT staff begin to pile up. Even if tech personnel can keep a handle on all the extra work, they end up spending a majority of their time and resources on routine maintenance and support. This treading of water stifles innovation and puts new development on the back burner.

a COUPLE of GURUS offers Boost IT, our Co-Managed IT service, designed to fill in the gaps of internal IT departments that are stretched thin. We’ll take over routine technical services and support and free up your staff to work on more important projects. Your IT employees will also benefit from our IT experience and knowledge that we will share to give your organization a big technology boost.


Benefits of Boost IT:

More Time: Our team will handle the mundane tasks so your team can focus on growth and innovation.

Industry Experience: Grow your IT department’s knowledge base with help from our veteran, certified technicians.

Lower Costs: Fill out your IT department without hiring on more expensive full-time staff.

Partner Access: Access the best tech thanks to our partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors.

What To Expect For Your Co-Managed IT Services

Remote Support

We’re there for you when you need some extra assistance, giving your IT staff a boost.

On-Site Support

When your issue needs a hands-on approach, we are  there for you.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Icon Small at a COUPLE of GURUS

Guru Protect & Recover

Imaged-based backups store a detailed chain locally for high-granularity retention, as well as a current image stored off-site for business continuity.

Guru Security Suite

We employ a multi-tier security solution.  Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus on PCs and servers, Web Security Filtering at the Firewall and DNS Based filtering both on the PC and on the Network.

Maintenance Appointments

We come on-site on a regular basis to examine the network and make sure everything is working well and healthy.

Asset Tracking

Continually keeping track of your systems and software within our database.

As well as...

External Vulnerability Scanning, Internet Connection Monitoring, Service Monitoring of Servers, Workstation Management, Microsoft Operating System Critical Patch Management, Case Management, Event Analysis, Drive Space Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, Mobile Device Support for Business, Firewall Support, Security Updates, and more.

The Guru Way

Executive Business Reviews

Regularly scheduled meetings to review network health, technology planning, and budget.

Risk Management

Ensuring both a robust standard of documentation and a strict adherence to a change management process.

Compliance Reporting

Dig into your network – show connections between your main business processes, likelihood of failure, and overall impact of failure.

Team-Based Approach

Multiple Gurus know your network, so we can always dispatch an engineer familiar with your environment in a timely manner.

Give your technology team an edge with our Boost IT, Co-Managed IT service. With a COUPLE of GURUS backing them up, they’ll realize their full potential and help your entire organization do the same.