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IT Services for HIPAA & Medical Device / Biotech Manufacturers

Grow with us, as we manage your IT and help you navigate the endless regulatory struggles of the healthcare industry

We help HIPAA compliant organizations in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas to navigate and comply with NIST SP 800-171. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with us below.

Optimized IT

Optimized IT

Poorly implemented or ill-fitting IT solutions lead to downtime, process errors, and overall inefficiency. As if that wasn’t bad enough, slow and clunky business technology reflects poorly on your business to your partners.

a COUPLE of GURUS is keenly aware of how these problems affect MedTech Manufacturers, and we’ve got over 15 years of experience solving them. Don’t trust your complex technology environment to inexperienced generalists; our technicians know your IT challenges and have helped many companies just like yours solve them for good.

Ensured Compliance

Ensured Compliance

We know that for a company in the healthcare sector, compliance with the many regulations the government imposes on you can make or break your business. If your technology services provider doesn’t know GDPR, HIPAA, FDA, and SOX regulations inside and out, you’re exposed to risk of severe consequences.

Since a COUPLE of GURUS caters to the MedTech space, we’ve developed tried-and-true best practices and IT solutions specifically to ensure compliance for these clients. Our specialists know government regulations as well as ISO standards like the backs of their hands.

Strategies For Growth

Strategies for Growth

Tight budgets demand maximum value, and for IT providers that means going beyond merely fixing what is broken. To succeed in your industry, you don’t need a repair service, you need a strategic partner that will align your IT with your unique needs and goals. a COUPLE of GURUS is more than just our name. We provide guidance to MedTech companies all the time and help them plan their technology future. Not only will our services add value to your business, we’ll ensure all of your business technology will as well.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Being on the cutting-edge of medical innovation means new ideas, and those ideas need to be protected. Unscrupulous businesses are not above stealing the ideas of others for profit, and complex IT environments give them plenty of avenues of attack. a COUPLE of GURUS’ cybersecurity specialists have many years of experience implementing IT solutions to protect intellectual property, ePHI, and all the other kinds of confidential data your company needs to keep safe.

Not a Medical Device or Biotech Manufacturer? That's ok - our services are suitable and beneficial for virtually any business or organization, and we would love to talk about how we can help yours.

The Guru Way

Executive Business Reviews

Regularly scheduled meetings to review network health, technology planning, and budget.

Risk Management

Ensuring both a robust standard of documentation and a strict adherence to a change management process.

Compliance Reporting

Dig into your network – show connections between your main business processes, likelihood of failure, and overall impact of failure.

Team-Based Approach

Multiple Gurus know your network, so we can always dispatch an engineer familiar with your environment in a timely manner.

You wouldn’t let a General Practitioner perform open-heart surgery on you, so why trust your MedTech business’s IT to an unqualified provider? a COUPLE of GURUS has the experience, expertise, and track record to take your company’s technology to the next level.