IT Support Process


We support our clients by focusing on their business processes and outcomes, and finding the ideal technical solutions to improve both. Before partnering with us, we perform our Technology Roadmap Assessment – a thorough review of your business and IT needs – to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. We will then present our findings to you with either a proposal for our services or our recommendation for finding another provider.

If you accept our proposal, we will proceed with onboarding. Here is a breakdown of the Technology Roadmap Assessment and onboarding processes:

Technology Roadmap Assessment and Onboarding Processes:


Technology Roadmap Assessment and Interview with an Engineer


Client Onboarding


Ongoing IT Support


Technology Roadmap Assessment and
Interview with an Engineer

Get in touch, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We’ll ask some questions to get a better idea of your business, then go over our assessment plan with you so there are no surprises. Then, after we settle all the paperwork, we’ll schedule a time for the Technology Roadmap Assessment that works for you.

After your assessment, you will have an in-person or virtual meeting with our Chief Guru to present the results and discuss how they apply to your organization’s IT needs. We combine your business information with your IT infrastructure details to create an accurate and relevant technology roadmap, along with a proposal. The proposal could be for either IT services management, co-managed IT, IT project management services, or some combination.


Client Onboarding

After approving our proposal and becoming a client, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager and a team of engineers.

They will document your existing technology and install our remote agents on your machines, including our remote management and automation tools, antivirus software, and backup software.

From this point forward, your business IT will be monitored and maintained around the clock.


The information gathered in the Technology Roadmap Assessment is shared with our entire team so that everyone at a COUPLE of GURUS understands your business and is familiar with your IT ecosystem, your site, and your key stakeholders. We will also review your vendor contracts and any regulatory obligations (HIPAA, CMMC, etc) and then report our findings.

Since we already performed your Technology Roadmap Assessment and reviewed your processes, we will be able to respond to any service requests immediately. To facilitate this, your account manager will schedule a meeting to discuss our Service Request Kit. This covers our service procedures and outlines all the ways you can contact us, including training for our Client Portal. Your account manager will also explain our finance team’s Payment Portal.

Within the first month, your account manager will schedule the first of your Executive Business Reviews (EBRs) to go over reports, findings, and solutions, discuss how onboarding went, and begin your Technology Planning/Roadmap.


Ongoing IT Support

Our business model is based on regular communication, transparency, and accountability. We keep automated security and performance scans running on your network and devices, and receive real time alerts which we act upon immediately. These are then reported to you if warranted.

Your ongoing support experience will include monthly check-in calls and update reports, regularly scheduled EBRs, regular performance reviews, technology planning, and our 24/7 Live Desk support which includes onsite response when warranted.

Your ongoing IT support includes:


Daily IT Support:

You can start using our 24/7 Live Desk Support as soon as your agreement begins. We have both standard support hours (8/5) and extended support hours (24/7) so that your business stays protected, even outside of normal business hours. If your problem cannot be resolved remotely, an engineer may be sent onsite.

In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, we are always available to discuss any questions or ideas you have. You can contact your Account Manager any time.


Regular Service Appointments:

In addition to the monthly check-in with your Account Manager, we also perform regularly scheduled Service Appointments which may be onsite or remote (or a combination of both).

Here we do an audit and physical inspection of your site to ensure the health and security of your network. These also give your team a chance to ask us any questions face-to-face, and us a chance to hear directly from end-users.


Monthly Check-ins:

You will have a monthly check-in with your Account Manager to review your IT Infrastructure/network performance, the status of any projects, and review any tickets. We also use this time to hear about any developments in your business, and any feedback you have on our service.

We want to know how you are doing, and how we are doing as your IT service partner.

We are always trying to find ways for us to better meet your IT needs: Are there any issues that are not being addressed quickly enough? Is there an issue we can start working on right now?


Executive Business Reviews:

Your Account Manager will schedule your EBR at regular intervals. These are typically yearly or twice a year, but may be more frequent depending on your needs.

Think of these as CIO level meetings. We use these meetings to check in on you and the company, on your progress and company growth, and to review and update your businesses technology roadmap.

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