Referral Program

Spread the word and get rewarded!

Do you know someone who could use an awesome technology partner for their business?  Please consider sending them our way!

If they book a Technology Roadmap Assessment or Technology Survey with us, we’ll reward you with either a $50 gift card to Blue Plate Restaurant or $50 of ice cream delivered to you from Izzy’s. More on how it works.

Our rewards are chosen in support of local businesses.


What's a Good Referral?

Generally, a good referral for us would be any of the below companies:

Manufacturers - both regulated (such as HIPAA/CMMC) and non-regulated
Non profits
Established B2B business in Minneapolis
Businesses with 20+ employees

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How it works

You send in your referral

We contact your referral

Your referral books a Technology Roadmap Assessment or Technology Survey

You get rewarded

How to refer someone to us

Copy and send our email template to your referral to let them know why you think they would benefit from an IT partnership like ours.