IT Assessments

You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s broken.

A COUPLE of GURUS’ IT Assessments discover exactly what your technology problems are so we can make a detailed plan to solve them.

What does an IT assessment do?


Uncover high-risk cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your network


Zero in on inefficient processes and bottlenecks


Highlight existing and potential areas of compliance risk

a COUPLE of GURUS offers three unique types of IT assessments, each with their own methods and goals.


Technology Roadmap Assessment

This is our primary assessment which goes deep, examining your digital space as well as the physical. It will give us (and you) a complete picture of your IT and your goals, so we can get started aligning them for success. In the end you walk away with a clear list of what's working and what's not, and a technology roadmap to begin moving in the right direction.


Cyber Risk and Security Assessment

This assessment focuses on the security of your network, and is designed to uncover vulnerabilities and shortcomings. We’ll also review your policies and practices to determine your readiness for an attack and its aftermath.


HIPAA Technical Compliance Assessment

This assessment is similar to our Security Assessment, in that it examines your technical infrastructure, policies, and procedures to ascertain your level of compliance and risk of infraction.

Ready to get started?

With the knowledge you gain from one of a COUPLE of GURUS’ assessments, you’ll be able to start making effective changes to your IT for the improvement of your entire business.

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Our IT Assessment Process


Introduction and Scheduling

Once you fill out the assessment form below, one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. We’ll ask some questions to get a better idea of your business, then go over our assessment plan with you so there are no surprises. Then, after we settle all the paperwork, we’ll schedule a time for the assessment that works for you.


Walkthrough, Interviews, and Infrastructure Scans

Once we arrive at your workplace, we’ll begin the assessment process in earnest. Depending on which assessment we are performing for you, we might tour your facilities, interview employees, install scanning software to audit servers and endpoints, or some combination of the three. This will give us the raw data we need to provide you with meaningful information.


Report Preparation

We collect a large amount of data to make our reports as detailed and useful as possible, so it will take some time to analyze what we find. The time it takes to complete our reports depends on the type of assessment, the size of your network, and countless other variables that make your organization unique. Once our team has pored over the results of your assessment, we’ll translate the data into actionable information.


Presentation and Recommendations

We’ll set up a time to present our findings to your key stakeholders. Our guru will explain things in terms everyone can understand, so you’ll know exactly where your IT stands as well as where it needs to be to achieve your goals. We’ll also make recommendations for how you can address the issues discovered by your assessment.

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