Managed Cybersecurity Services

In-depth audits and cutting-edge security solutions to protect you from hackers and noncompliance.

Specialized Security for Your Most Important Data

As dramatic as it sounds, it’s also unfortunately true: cyberattacks continue to rise in frequency and no one is safe. Small businesses and non-profits, which may seem like the least likely victims, are in fact the favored targets of cybercriminals because of their lack of security budget. How can you get peace of mind without breaking the bank defending against constant cyberattacks? Call on a COUPLE of GURUS.

We specialize in providing enterprise-grade cybersecurity for any-sized organizations at a fixed, affordable, and small-business-friendly rate. Regardless of your current IT setup, we’ll find the right solutions to protect your systems from malware, data breaches, online scams, and any other cyberattack. With a COUPLE of GURUS’ cybersecurity experts on your side you can conduct your business and grow without fear.

Peace of Mind: We’ll watch over your network 24/7 identifying and blocking cyberattacks at all hours

Cutting-Edge Solutions: Our industry partnerships give you affordable access to the world’s leading cybersecurity products

Security Training: a COUPLE of GURUS will teach your workforce cybersecurity best practices to help them spot and stop attacks

Expert Defenses: Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to protect any network, even those with limited resources

When important data is lost or compromised, it can mean the end for most organizations. Partner with a COUPLE of GURUS and get robust cybersecurity protections without breaking your budget.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automated, secure data backups and fast recovery tools to protect you from any disaster.

Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure and application licensing services to give you a hardware and software edge.

IT Consulting

Project management and IT strategy planning to align your IT with your organization’s goals

Managed Cybersecurity

In-depth audits and cutting-edge security solutions to protect you from hackers and noncompliance.

To change the world, you’ll need IT support that is as dedicated and innovative as you are

Partner with a COUPLE of GURUS, free yourself from insufficient IT, and ensure a secure and productive future for your organization.
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