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Act swiftly to implement your cybersecurity compliance program or risk failure to comply with NIST, HIPAA, or CMMC.

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What’s at risk?

Cybersecurity regulations can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know which apply to your business and exactly what they require. Compliance can require a serious investment, but failing has serious risks: you could be prevented from bidding on contracts or partnering with other contractors. And if you are noncompliant and have a cybersecurity event that exposes personal data, it can damage your reputation and result in financial and/or criminal penalties.

To avoid all this, it’s essential to create your own cybersecurity compliance program and a culture of compliance in your organization. We’ve outlined the steps below, but feel free to tap our two decades of compliance expertise for more guidance.


We help with the following regulations



The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification protects the Department of Defense’s classified and unclassified information. Any organization that works with DoD data, and anyone in their supply chain, must be certified in one of the three CMMC levels. CMMC is an evolution of the NIST guidelines.

With Registered Practitioners (RP) on our staff, we can ensure your organization is ready to pass the certification for any level of the CMMC audit.



The National Institute of Standards and Technology created its Cybersecurity Framework in 2008, which other protocols, like HIPAA and CMMC, are based on. Organizations working directly or indirectly with the US government need to adhere to NIST guidelines for data-handling. Complying with NIST will help the overall security of any organization and ease compliance with other regulations.

We can clarify which NIST rules apply to you, and assist in developing and implementing your cybersecurity framework to ensure you fulfill the requirements.



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act safeguards the privacy of medical data. HIPAA applies to any healthcare-related organization that handles personal information of patients and staff. HIPAA rules are laws, and violations can bring financial and criminal penalties.

We have experience providing HIPAA compliance solutions to healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers. We can help ensure your organization is compliance risk-free.

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6 steps to implementing a cybersecurity compliance program

The most efficient process for achieving and maintaining compliance.

  • Identify

    First, determine the type of data you work with and the regulatory compliance requirements that apply. Cybersecurity standards vary by state, and PII (personally identifiable information) is subject to additional controls.

  • Appoint

    Assign a person or team to take ownership of your security compliance program. They need to be familiar with interdepartmental workflows, give regular updates on the program, and be the main point of contact during any security incident. Many organizations choose to outsource this role to a compliance expert.

  • Assess

    The next step is to evaluate your risk and vulnerability. Review the risk level of each type of data you are responsible for. Determine where high-risk information is stored, transmitted, and collected and rate the risk of those locations accordingly.

  • Implement Controls

    Based on the results of steps 1 and 3, implement controls that fulfill your compliance obligations and address your risk factors. These can include firewalls, encryption, password policies, backups, vendor risk management, employee training, and insurance policies.

  • Implement Policies and Procedures

    It is essential to build proof of compliance. Documenting your security activities and controls will ensure regulators, partners, customers, and employees have confidence in your organization.

  • Review and Test

    Testing is crucial to maintaining security and compliance, and may be required by your industry. It allows you to know what is working and what is not, and will help identify any potential compliance issues. Examples include penetration testing, white-hat hacking, and mock phishing emails.

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