IT Consulting

Project management and IT strategy planning to align your IT with your organization’s goals.

Getting the Most Out of Your IT Investments Requires Specialized Knowledge

So your organization has reached the point where you need more hardware, software, or both. What do you procure? Which type will benefit you the most? Will those benefits remain in the years to come? How can you use this technology to achieve your goals? What’s the best way to implement this technology with your existing systems? If you don’t have good answers for these questions, it’s time to bring in an expert.

a COUPLE of GURUS’ IT Consulting Service gives you access to decades of technology expertise and knowledge without the need to hire a full-time Chief Information Officer. No matter what IT resources you are working with, our veteran consultants will help with procuring new tech, managing IT development projects, drafting a long-term IT strategy, and anything else you might need a technology Guru for. We measure our success by your success, so we’ll be there every step of the way.

Planning and Strategy: A detailed IT roadmap and meticulous project management will ensure a bright future for your tech

Procurement Guidance: We’ll help you navigate the vast sea of options when it comes to purchasing hardware, software, and services

Best-Fit Solutions: Our consultants are not salespeople; we’ll only recommend solutions that best fit your needs and budget

Valuable Insight: We’ve been in IT since 2002 and love sharing all that we have learned with our partners

Don’t waste time and money on an uncertain IT future. Get the technology guidance you need from a COUPLE of GURUS.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automated, secure data backups and fast recovery tools to protect you from any disaster.

Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure and application licensing services to give you a hardware and software edge.

IT Consulting

Project management and IT strategy planning to align your IT with your organization’s goals

Managed Cybersecurity

In-depth audits and cutting-edge security solutions to protect you from hackers and noncompliance.

To change the world, you’ll need IT support that is as dedicated and innovative as you are

Partner with a COUPLE of GURUS, free yourself from insufficient IT, and ensure a secure and productive future for your organization.
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