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Managed IT Services

Dedicated full-service IT support for your business available 24/7 to prevent tech issues and eliminate downtime. We are your outsourced IT department.

Managed IT for Your Business IT

Time and money spent on good causes, innovation, and revenue-generating projects is well spent, but many organizations waste too many resources on addressing technology problems.

Prolonged network downtime, inefficient processes, incompatible software, and a host of other issues can hinder growth and drain the energy of your workforce. An internal IT department can prevent this, but not everyone can afford this luxury. Outsourced, Managed IT Support benefits business owners who are interested in having an organized and proactive approach to IT.

ConstantCare, our suite of Managed IT services, outsources the management, maintenance, and security of your technology at a fraction of the price of hiring full-time IT staff. Our veteran technicians will assess your IT systems, implement changes and upgrades to optimize their performance, perform regular maintenance, and monitor them 24/7 to prevent problems from arising.

And when you call into the Help Desk, our friendly technicians don't just solve the surface issues your employees are struggling with - they fix the root of the problem.

With a COUPLE of GURUS’ watching over your business IT, you can confidently put more resources towards what’s important.

Benefits of Managed IT for your Business:

More Time: Optimized IT and responsive support mean less time waiting on tech fixes.

Expert Support: Our certified technicians have the experience and expertise to solve any IT problem.

Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing we’re monitoring your systems every hour of every day.

Increased Productivity: Imagine everything you can accomplish with tech that always works when you need it to.

What To Expect For Your Managed IT Services

Help Desk

Friendly, knowledgeable Gurus answer your tech questions by phone or email every weekday defined business hours.

On-Site Support

When your issue needs a hands-on approach, we are  there for you.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Icon at a COUPLE of GURUS

Guru Protect & Recover

For Servers we use Imaged-based backups stored locally and the cloud for business continuity.  For Office 365 we use cloud based backups.

Guru Security Suite

We employ a multi-tier security solution.  Anti-Virus and intrusion detection on PCs and servers, Web Security Filtering, DNS Based filtering, Dark Web Monitoring, and more.

PC Installation

We want you to keep your workstations up to date, so we install the desktops, laptops, thin clients and peripherals that you buy from us at no extra charge.

Asset Tracking

Continually keeping track of your systems and software within our database.

Commitment to Excellence

We will partner with you on projects that may fall outside the scope of a contract. We will work to develop a solution that fits your budget and will provide a return on your investment.

As well as...

External Vulnerability Scanning, Internet Connection Monitoring, Service Monitoring of Servers, Workstation Management, Microsoft Operating System Critical Patch Management, Case Management, Event Analysis, Drive Space Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, Mobile Device Support for Business, Firewall Support, Security Updates, and more.

The Guru Way

Executive Business Reviews

Regularly scheduled meetings to review network health, technology planning, and budget.

Risk Management

Ensuring both a robust standard of documentation and a strict adherence to a change management process.

Compliance Reporting

Dig into your network – show connections between your main business processes, likelihood of failure, and overall impact of failure.

Team-Based Approach

Multiple Gurus know your network, so we can always dispatch an engineer familiar with your environment in a timely manner.

a COUPLE of GURUS’ ConstantCare – Managed IT Services – will transform your organization’s IT from a frustrating drain on resources to an indispensable tool for growth by working around the clock to keep your systems optimized.