IT Solutions & Support for Nonprofits

Furthering your NPO’s cause means doing more with less

a COUPLE of GURUS has extensive experience in the Nonprofit space. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with us below.

Optimized IT

Optimized IT

Most of your budget goes to promoting your cause, so it’s understandable that the business technology you are using is not cutting edge. But working with donated, suboptimal, and outdated equipment is a disaster waiting to happen.

a COUPLE of GURUS’ technology services will provide the level of support you need without breaking the bank. We know how frequent downtime and unstable IT can damage an NPO and its reputation, and we’ve spent decades helping organizations like yours eliminate these problems while staying within budget.

Passion And Experience

Passion And Experience

A lot of MSPs out there are used to dealing with SMBs with budgets, investors, and customers, but they don’t realize how different the NPO sector is. This inexperience can lead to missteps that cause lasting damage your organization can’t afford.

Here at a COUPLE of GURUS, we’ve been focused on the NPO space for many years, giving us the experience and insight needed to help these organizations succeed. Furthermore, the reason we concentrated on NPOs in the first place is that we are passionate about helping people who help others. Wouldn’t you rather have a technology partner that is as passionate about your cause as you are?

Value Added Strategy

Value Added Strategy

We know that acquiring and implementing new technology solutions is vital to expanding your operations and doing more for your cause, but we also realize that NPOs don’t have unlimited resources. Having a strategic partner to help allocate those resources to promote growth is vital.

a COUPLE of GURUS will ensure that you are getting the most out of your limited IT resources. And, if something must be replaced, our experts will find the solution that best meets your needs and (more importantly) your budget. You’ll get no “one-size-fits-all” solutions or upsells from a COUPLE of GURUS.

Data Protection

Data Protection

You may not have corporate secrets like a business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything worth protecting. Donor information, PCI, financial records, and other types of confidential data must still be safeguarded for the sake of your donors and your organization’s reputation.

a COUPLE of GURUS’ cybersecurity specialists have extensive experience implementing robust security solutions against hackers and their malware. We also have deep knowledge of the compliance requirements of your sector, so your cause will never suffer from a malicious attack or government-imposed fine.

Not a Nonprofit? That's ok - our services are suitable and beneficial for virtually any business or organization, and we would love to talk about how we can help yours.

The Guru Way

Executive Business Reviews

Regularly scheduled meetings to review network health, technology planning, and budget.

Risk Management

Ensuring both a robust standard of documentation and a strict adherence to a change management process.

Compliance Reporting

Dig into your network – show connections between your main business processes, likelihood of failure, and overall impact of failure.

Team-Based Approach

Multiple Gurus know your network, so we can always dispatch an engineer familiar with your environment in a timely manner.

You wouldn’t hire someone who doesn’t believe in your cause, so why hire an IT provider that has neither the passion nor experience to effectively manage your technology? a COUPLE of GURUS has been working with NPOs for over 15 years, and we’d love to share our drive and knowledge with you.