Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automated, secure data backups and fast recovery tools to protect you from any disaster.

Catastrophe Can Strike at Any Time; Make Sure You Are Ready

Blizzards, fires, hardware failure, sabotage; all of these disasters have the potential to wipe out data that is invaluable to your operations. These data loss events are a question of “when,” not “if,” so it is important for organizations to have robust data backup systems in place to avoid the lost productivity, lawsuits, reduced client confidence, and fines these events can cause.

a COUPLE of GURUS employs a wide range of data backup solutions, including cloud, on-site, and hybrid setups. Your important data will be continuously replicated without significant impact to your computing resources or bandwidth. When the day comes that you need to recover your copied data, our customized recovery plans and tools will ensure that you are back to full capacity in minutes.

Peace of Mind:Multiple copies of your data will be created and tested regularly for integrity, so it will survive anything

Unobtrusive Backups: Advanced software uses fewer resources and schedules replication during off hours

Fortified Data Centers: Your off-site data will be stored at geo-redundant data centers with impeccable security

Fast Recovery: Our consultants will help you develop a plan your workforce can follow and implement tools they can use to get back up and running ASAP

a COUPLE of GURUS will ensure that your important assets can survive anything and get you back in business fast, no matter what life throws at you.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automated, secure data backups and fast recovery tools to protect you from any disaster.

Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure and application licensing services to give you a hardware and software edge.

IT Consulting

Project management and IT strategy planning to align your IT with your organization’s goals

Managed Cybersecurity

In-depth audits and cutting-edge security solutions to protect you from hackers and noncompliance.

To change the world, you’ll need IT support that is as dedicated and innovative as you are

Partner with a COUPLE of GURUS, free yourself from insufficient IT, and ensure a secure and productive future for your organization.
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