Synergistic Instant Messaging

Keith Schoolcraft at a COUPLE of GURUS

As you might expect from a bunch of Technical Gurus, we utilize technology to converse all day. Lync, from Microsoft, is an Instant Messaging and Presence platform designed to conduct business. At a moment’s notice, employees can glance at Lync to see if someone is available and then shoot them a quick message—this cuts down on email between employees, but more importantly allows for smooth communication between all team members. We have made it a priority to empower our employees to work from home, and Lync has become one of our most useful tools. The audio/video conferencing and screen sharing features make it easy to interact with the whole team, whether it’s William working from Florida, or Nate stuck at home in a blizzard, or Brian working on site.  And Lync goes where we go; it’s easy to access from our laptops, home PC’s and even our smart phones. Best of all, Lync’s immediate, informal, interactive nature makes it a fun way to communicate – and who doesn’t want to have fun at work?