How To Remember 295 Passwords


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LastPass is both a mobile and browser-based app.  It has apps for all major mobile operating systems (including iOS, Android, and Blackberry), and even the obscure ones like Symbian and HP’s webOS (do people still use that?).  They also have plugins for all the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.  But what does it do exactly?


Password Management

With LastPass, you no longer have to remember every single password you use on every single site you visit.  You set up a master password to unlock your vault.  Once your vault is unlocked, you have access to every password you’ve saved.  Regardless of what computer you’re using, you can log into the LastPass web portal, access your passwords, and simply log out when your done – and your information is safe and secure.  On your home or work computers, it’s really easy to install the browser-based plugins.  With these plugins installed, you simply log into LastPass when you open up the browser. Then, when you go to a website you have a saved password for, your login information automatically populates.  Another amazing feature of LastPass is it’s Password Generator – you decide what features you want in the password (uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, length, etc.) and it will spit out a highly secure password for you to use.  Once you set a password and put it in your vault, you never have to memorize it again.

Form Filling

Another great feature of LastPass is the ability to fill out forms.  What does this mean?  If you find yourself filling out a lot of forms on the internet this feature will allow you to automatically fill forms when you get to them.  This feature also handles financial information, so you don’t have to memorize your credit card numbers anymore.  If you’re worried about putting this information online you can visit the website of LastPass and read about their security features.  Put simply: your information is a lot safer in your LastPass vault than it is sitting in that Excel spreadsheet on your desktop!

Overall, this is a great app that anyone can instantly take advantage of.  It is well worth the $12/year, and you will never have to remember another password again.