ACOG Engineers Respond to HP Stock Drop

Recently HP Stock has seen a decline in value.  Although this has something to do with HP’s management and sales issues they have had recently, the stocks of PC manufacturers in general are not faring to well.  Here are some comments from some of our engineers in response to this article:

I love this line “And I remain convinced that laptops and desktops remain valuable tools even in 2013, especially for those of us who work with words or numbers for a living.”

So… basically everybody.


Blah, blah, blah, tablets this and tablets that.

They’re nice and there is a place for them, but they won’t kill PCs. Period.


I actually think Microsoft has it right. Starting with Windows 8. Here is why.

If we can have full-bore tablets with decent specs, (CPU, Memory, screen, battery life,) and not be terribly heavy, today, than tomorrow we are going to have super high-end tablet devices that weigh 1.5 pounds and still have awesome battery life.

Long story short, Full featured PC in a tablet form factor. Running a full featured OS that is optimized for tablets (Windows 8). All that remains is to attach a keyboard for super speed typing and BAM!

That is the future of PCs I think. IPADs are NOT PCs. But I bet you that Apple will be doing something way similar to Microsoft combining OSX and iOS in the very near future as well. (They will claim it was their idea all along).

Also, I want a full tablet that is 15”. No one makes one yet, but I think it would be wicked sweet.

In last month’s newsletter we discussed the potential of Tablets replacing PCs in the market, and this no doubt adds to the discussion.