This month we would like to take some time and highlight our advanced security services, SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) and SOC (Security Operation Center).

As time progresses, more economic sectors and industries will have to adhere to regulatory compliance geared towards protecting data.  PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and CMMC are examples of some current pieces of legislation your company may need to adhere to.  Additionally, if your company does business internationally, then you may also need to follow international standards.

The cost of surrounding a cyber attack or data breach are continually growing.  Many small-to-medium size companies cannot simply afford the potential cost an attack could have.  Moreover, if it is found that the organization did not adhere to regulatory legislation, the cost may rise due to legal costs.

Security monitoring of your system can potentially save your business and ensure regulatory compliance.

So what does SIEM/SOC do and why should you get it you ask? Your network is full of logs.  Everything anyone does creates a log.  In the event  of a cyber attack, those logs are looked at after the fact to see where and when a breach may have started.  With our SIEM solution, those same logs and reviewed as they are created.  If a log event seems suspicious, the event is then sent to a SOC team that reviews the log and makes a determination if an event is actionable.  These logs are reviewed 24x7x365.

Want to learn more about our SIEM/SOC services?  Let us know by contacting us.