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Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft’s premier package that includes it all: OS, Office, mobile device
management, security, and more.

A Complete Suite of Cloud-Powered Business Software

Modern businesses have a long list of software applications that they need to conduct operations and stay competitive. Finding ways to integrate these programs can become a full-time job. Microsoft addresses this problem by offering a complete package of essential software apps that is fully integrated from the ground up and compatible with any device.

Microsoft 365 Business includes the Office apps you’re familiar with, as well as licenses for upgraded versions of the Windows OS. It also includes cybersecurity, mobile device management, cloud storage, and many other add-ons. Partner with a COUPLE of GURUS and we’ll not only help you select the best package for your organization, we’ll also provide support and maintenance for your cloud system so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business:

Office 365: Cloud versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and many more vital business apps are included.

Ongoing Support: Our support technicians know Microsoft 365 inside and out, and are on call 24/7 to resolve issues.

Business Essentials: Advanced software tools for security, communication, cloud storage, CRM, mobile management, and more.

Easy Integration: Apps in Microsoft 365 are built to integrate easily not only with each other, but with hundreds of third-party apps as well.

What’s the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Business?



Microsoft 365 Business is a package of software and features that includes the premium version of Office 365. Therefore, Microsoft 365 has many more apps and capabilities.



While Office 365 software is vital for workstations, Microsoft 365 also includes tools for mobile devices, as well as extra features for servers.



Microsoft 365 costs more per user, per month because the most comprehensive version of Office 365 as well as the main Windows OS is included in the package.



Microsoft 365 includes advanced threat detection and protection tools that defend your office IT and employee mobile devices from the newest and most sophisticated attacks.

What’s Conditional Access?

One of the primary security features of Microsoft 365 Business, and indeed any cloud infrastructure, is Conditional Access.


a COUPLE of GURUS will guide you through the Microsoft 365 procurement process so you know you are getting the right package and add-ons for your organization’s needs and budget. We’ll also provide ongoing support so your software never stops giving you an edge.