October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month at a COUPLE of GURUS

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month. The theme of the month is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

The National Cyber Security Alliance is a great website you can visit to watch videos, review tips sheets, and search their resource library to see up-to-date information on cyber security threats and how to protect yourself and your organization.

I have highlighted some tips and tricks that you should think about and follow related to cyber security.

  1. Make a long, unique passphrase
    • Length trumps complexity. A strong passphrase is a sentence that is at least 12 characters long.
  2. Passphrases are not enough
    • Use 2 factor authentical whenever offered.
  3. When in doubt, throw it out
    • Links in emails, tweets, texts, posts, social media messages and online advertising are the easiest way for cyber criminals access your information.
  4. Keep a clean machine
    • Keep all software on internet connect devices current.
  5. Back it up
    • Protect your work and digital information by backing it up. If you fall victim to ransomware, you will be able to restore the data from a backup.
  6. Own your online presence
    • Every time you sign up for a new account, immediately configure the privacy and security settings.
  7. Get savvy about wifi hotspots
    • Public wireless networks and hotspots are not secure. Limit what you do on public Wifi .

Feel free to pass this list onto the rest of your team and share with your friends and family as well. We are all in this together as we learn to #BeCyberSmart!