Your Employees Have Issues – They Matter

We like to help business owner’s discover the technology that will support their core business processes.  But sometimes we can’t even have those conversations, because the foundation of their technology is in disarray.  It’s like the parable of the house – if you build a house on sand, a poor foundation, it is in a dangerous situation and will ultimately fail.  However, if you build your house on a rock, or solid foundation, it will last a long time and serve you well.  It’s the same with your technology.  Until you fix the foundation of your technology, it’s hard to move on to more strategic things in your IT planning.  When we come into a business whose technology foundations are weak or unsecure, first we must ‘fix the foundation’ before we start making improvements on the rest of the system.  Then we can have a solid system to build and grow upon, especially if you’re one who believes that you can take advantage of technology to grow your business.

Another important step in the process is to find out what the users are struggling with.

There are always pent up issues that the users bring that are affecting their productivity.  Users are not always open to telling management all about it; they don’t want to bother management with what they may consider little problems that affect the way they work, not realizing how much those issues are affecting their productivity.  They may even have discovered a work-around or fix for the issue, but these are usually very inefficient.  Whenever we take a client on, people come out of the woodwork with these problems – things aren’t working quite right, a system has been broken for years, the security or backup isn’t set up properly (or at all!). When a company engages with a managed service provider, the employees finally feel like they have someone they can come to, that they are comfortable with, to get their answers resolved.

Then, we can understand your core business processes.

Finally, once your systems have a solid foundation, and we have an understanding of where your users are at, we can then sit down to understand your core business processes.  First and foremost, we seek out how your business functions and works.  Once we understand that, we are able to bring real solutions that, in a lot of cases, are already aligned with your strategic plans: looking for more effective ways of handling shop floor control, making sure employees have the latest work instructions on the floor, making sure an updated design spec is updated on the traveler – and many more.  Every manufacturing business wants efficiency in their systems, but they don’t always understand what solutions help achieve these goals.  That is where we come in.

In our manage services program, we have those conversations ahead of time.

We make sure we are informed of what’s going on organizationally within your business, so that we can align your IT systems with your organization’s goals.  We aggressively go after the underlying problems, discover the solutions, and ensure your systems support your business.  We don’t wait for the crack in the foundation to become a major issue (commonly known as “break/fix”); we seal the crack right away, fixing the issue before it completely halts productivity – or worse, causes data corruption or loss.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of being in a managed services program; start taking control of your technology today.