What Makes Constant Care Different?

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When I meet with potential customers about our ConstantCare program, one of the questions I get asked most often is what makes our program different from the others?  The simple answer is that there are many factors that form the uniqueness of ConstantCare, but I would like to share with you a few specific reasons why ConstantCare is a program you should consider for your small business IT needs.

Team-Based Approach

When aCOUPLEofGURUS manages a system, it’s not just one person that knows your systems.  We employ a diverse team of professionals, all with different expertise, all with an understanding of your systems.  The key to this is that no one guru is without another guru that knows your systems.  It’s just like you would have redundancy and backup plans and procedures for when your systems go down – if one of our engineers isn’t able to work on your system, there are at least ‘a couple of gurus’ ready to lend a hand.

We Document Client-Specific Procedures

Every single one of our clients is different, and we realize that.  When we sit down with our clients, we seek to learn their core business processes.  These processes run their business.  We then document their specific technical needs as they relate to these processes, so that we understand how their technology supports their business.  This ultimately allows us to manage their networks in such a way that they fully support how their business runs.

We Document Our Procedures

We have developed our own internal standards that we have been developing since before 2007.  I have never seen this comprehensive of documentation in any other company like ours anywhere.  It creates a consistent experience from client to client.  This eliminates one engineer doing something different from another.  This also ensures that no matter what client an engineer is at, they know how to solve an issue because the system is set up according to our standards.

One example of this is our Onsite Visit Standard.  This is a set of procedures and steps to ensure every onsite visit with every client is successful.  Since its inception in 2011, this standard has gone through 102 changes.  One hundred and two changes.  In less than four years we have made 102 improvements to this very integral standard, and we have tracked every change we’ve made.

There is more to our ConstantCare program than I can write in one article.  In next month’s article I’ll dive a little deeper into our ConstantCare program, and what it means to be your Personal Technology Advocate.  Until then, you can always call us if you would like more information on our ConstantCare program.