The WSJ says Apple Rumors Larger Screens

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In a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is rumored to be exploring larger screen sizes for their mobile devices.  It’s interesting to note that even my own father would appreciate a larger screen size on his iPhone.  Personally, I think there is a large market potential for different screen sizes on Apple mobile devices, especially as the baby boomer generation has embraced smart phones and desire larger screen sizes.

I think Apple will eventually come out with more options.  Just look at the iPod and the different sizes you can get that in.  I do like the fact that Apple cam eout with a new larger memory iPad; you can now get 128GB of storage in an iPad.  I think the competition from Microsoft helped push that one.  Anyone fill their 64-gig iPad up yet?  With just a few podcasts, books, and a couple movies for your kids you’re well on your way there.

So I say bring it on and give us more choices in screen size, and while you’re at it, throw in a 128GB iPhone.  Of course, I think Apple would benefit from coming out with a 256GB iPad.  The more content we consume, and store, on our devices, the bigger they will be.  In contrast, the smaller devices are definitely easier to move and store.

It’s no secret that Apple loves to keep everything within its own ecosystems.  More devices with both screen size and capacity choices would, in my opinion, fall in line with that strategy.

So Apple, what do you say?  I say bring it on.

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