SpeedTest.net for iOS and Android – Are You Testing Your Speed?

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It is clear that data speeds continue to increase at a rapid rate, through both Internet providers and wireless data connection.  On top of that, more than 53% of American adults own a Smartphone and are accessing the Internet through them increasingly every day.  Whether you use your wireless data plan, or WIFI hotspots, it is always a best practice to get an accurate picture of how fast your data connection actually is, especially if you want to make sure your ISP (internet service provider) is giving you the data you are paying for!

SpeedTest.net is an app for both Android, iOS, and Windows phones that allows you to accurately test the download and upload speeds of your current data connection, whether through your wireless data or WIFI connection.  They also have a website version, so you can run the same speeds on all of your devices, mobile and otherwise.

Why is this important?  For starters, you should always know how fast your connection is, especially if you get your data from a cable or DSL provider.  Also, test it during different times of the day and different days of the week.  You may realize there are optimal connection times, and other times you may as well avoid data connection.  Ultimately, this is a great tool that puts the power of analysis in the hands of mobile device users, and we encourage all of our clients and friends to download the app, visit the website, and know your speeds!