OneSource Cloud Hosting is right for you

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aCOUPLEofGURUS has been installing and maintaining cloud solutions since 2011. As we’ve written about before, there are a number of scenarios where cloud computing technology can truly benefit your business. This is especially true if you are facing a major capital expenditure to upgrade or replace your current systems. Many times, we have seen cost savings, better performance, and an overall increase to the bottom line as a result of a cloud solution. Our OneSource Cloud Hosting is a hybrid cloud hosting solution that can provide a number of benefits for your business.

What is hybrid cloud hosting?

Unlike a fully hosted cloud solution (think Office 365 or, hybrid cloud hosting keeps some of the management and ownership in the hands of the company. Typically, these solutions provide the infrastructure to build a variety of virtual environments on. This allows the company to install, manage, and use the software they need to run their business. You invested in your software technology; why should you give that up?

A hybrid solution gives you the control. You get to take advantage of the most cutting-edge technology to build your platform on, and you get to control what that looks like and how it’s managed.

Take advantage of our expertise.

A hybrid solution like OneSource Cloud Hosting allows you to take advantage of the best technology available today. We partner with state-of-the-art data centers, with the latest and greatest hardware, the most advanced security, and the most reliable connections to the internet. These machines are built for very high availability.  Of course, not all cloud providers are created equal. That’s why it is important for you to partner with a company who understands what your needs are, once your systems are in the cloud, you can leverage the clouds flexibility and power to scales to your processing needs. A good provider won’t leave you hanging with support and should provide a fully managed solution – not just a patching solution. You want to make sure your cloud systems continue to run as smooth as any other system in your environment.

Advantages to Cloud Computing VS Hardware Solutions

There are still people out there who prefer to own their own computers and for certain environments that still may make sense. You can only put so much redundancy into a single server.  However, servers built in the cloud are built on high availability platforms that can cost millions of dollars. A small business can’t afford to build that kind of infrastructure themselves. You can, however, buy a slice of that power based on your needs. The cloud starts to change the value equation by its efficiency, reliability and processing power.

By putting your systems in the cloud, you’re being put on the best hardware available. It’s important to consider how critical your application is in keeping it running and available to the organization. Have you ever calculated the cost of downtime for your organization? You still pay your people whether or not they have access to your systems. As more people rely on technology to get their jobs done the more critical it becomes for us to keep our systems up and running.

Con your Cloud strategy in your next upgrade

The benefits of cloud computing are becoming undeniable for most small businesses. One benefit of upgrading to a cloud solution is that your costs are spread out, rather than budgeting an asset capital expenditure. Also, with an increasing amount of small businesses requiring mobile or remote access to their data and systems, cloud computing is becoming a requirement.

Whatever your business strategy, cloud computing is something you should seriously consider investing in. If you’re unsure, we would be more than happy to talk with you about it. More and more of our clients are leveraging hybrid cloud solutions using OneSource Cloud Hosting. We would love to talk about how you can leverage the cloud in your organization. Just give me a call.