Keith Schoolcraft

Chief Guru of a COUPLE of GURUS

Keith Schoolcraft CEO of a COUPLE of GURUS

Keith Schoolcraft


About Keith Schoolcraft

Keith is a CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) Registered Practitioner, owner and Chief Guru of a COUPLE of GURUS. Keith holds multiple industry certifications dating way back from the days of Netware to Microsoft systems engineering certifications.

Keith started his first technology company at the age of 17. He later conceived a brilliant idea for a fun company that would succeed to become a COUPLE of GURUS (officially born in 2002).

"Keith is an extraordinary resource for technology and business issues alike. Keith’s passion for helping others shows within his business and across the myriad of clients who have engaged with him. I’m happy to have been a client and connection of Keith’s for more than 10 years." - Dan Harvey

Invite Keith To Speak At Your Next Event

Keith Schoolcraft has spoken at numerous business events such as Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub, Twin West Chamber of Commerce, EBITDA Partners, IT By Design, Pax8, and more.

Some favorite topics include:

  • CMMC & HIPAA cybersecurity and compliance
  • How technology relates to a growing business
  • How to keep remote employees engaged
  • Creating a wildy happy company culture
  • And more!

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