GURU Customer Profile – Flextech Foam – St. Louis Park, MN

Willie Monteiro is the CEO of Flextech Foam, a manufacturing company in the St. Louis Park area of the Twin Cities.  Flextech builds tooling for and manufactures various foam products used in a variety of industries from medical packaging to foam for ski goggles to industrial applications.  As a manufacturing company, they have a number of factors that go into the technology solution that best fits their needs.  When Willie met the Gurus, he knew there would be a good connection.

I ran into Keith and his previous partner at a coffee shop, right around the time they started aCOUPLEofGURUS.  I had known Keith for a few years by that time, and worked with him at a previous vendor.  They explained to me what working with the Gurus was all about, and what they were doing in the initial stages of their business.  I decided to work with them at that time because of their expertise.  When you get a hold of a good business relationship, you want to keep that.  We have been with aCOUPLEofGURUS for more than ten years now.

As with any of our ConstantCare clients, Keith made a point to understand the specific needs that Flextech’s systems had. He then began to design an infrastructure and management solution that would fit the specific needs of the business, while supporting its core business processes.  For example, Flextech uses a very particular ERP program (Enterprise Resource Planning).  As Gurus, we dove in to understand how that software functioned, what its technical requirements would be, and make sure that Flextech’s network fully supported the use of this software program.

I value their counsel.  They make a genuine effort to try to know our business, and know what our needs are.  Keith understands what’s going on in the world of technology, and he makes a point to know what technology our systems need.  I see aCOUPLEofGURUS as more of an IT partner rather than an external vendor – a virtual CIO.

One thing that was important for Flextech was eliminating downtime and ensuring their systems would be safe and secure no matter what happened.  We were able to design a solution that gives them virtually zero downtime.  We deploy a GPR solution (Guru Backup & Recover), which backs up their systems to the cloud, and is able to pull up their servers virtually at a moments notice.  Partnered with our ConstantCare Managed Services program, this gives them the assurance that not only are their systems functioning at a high level, but they are tailored to their specific needs, and secured and available no matter the situation.

Keith seems to be two steps ahead of the other vendors out there.  He was rolling out Managed Services before that was a popular business solution.  I recommend any small business owner reach out to aCOUPLEofGURUS.  Explain what your business is to them, what your core business processes are, and they will give you some feedback as to what they can do for you.  They may not be the biggest provider out there.  But in my opinion, they provide more value, adapt to my business needs, and provide a personal touch.  I highly recommend them.

If you have a foam need, Flextech can help you take your concept and engineer it, prototype it, and bring it to production – from beginning to end.  Check out Flextech’s manufacturing capabilities on their website: