CloudSync – A Virtual File Server

Cloud Service Isolated on Grey Gradient Background. Vector Illustration.

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We recently began working with a new client, and they needed a new file server.  Naturally, as a new client, we took the time to get to know their current systems, and how they support their core business processes.  We realized that a new file server wasn’t what they needed at the moment.  Instead, we recommended that they sign up for our new cloud-based file sharing solution CloudSync.

I like to say that we can “cloudify” a file server.  We are helping them put their files in the cloud, giving them a virtual, access-anywhere, and recoverable file storage solution.  We have the same type of security controls that we would on a traditional file server, including different levels of access to different people.

Wait, Keith, what is CloudSync?

I’m glad you asked.  CloudSync is a new solution we are providing as part of our OneSource brand.  CloudSync is essentially a cloud-based file storage solution that gives a company the security and functionality of a file server with the anywhere-access of cloud storage.  This solution is especially valuable to smaller business who may not have a file server yet, but need to share files between employees with the same security and management tools that you would have with a file server.  In fact, even if you have an existing file server but you want to have remote access to certain sections of the server, this solution enables you to do so.

Let’s say you’re on a sales call.  During the visit, you tell your prospect that you have a great document that explains a particular service of yours, but you don’t have it on hand.  Instead of saying “I’ll send that to you when I get back to the office,” you have immediate access to that file in CloudSync, on your smart phone.

Our society is becoming used to having immediate access to the things they want or need at the moment.  Your business should be ready for that – whether that means sharing files with a vendor, a prospect, a remote worker, or even a satellite office across the country (or world).

But Keith, we already have DropBox – what makes this any different?

Our CloudSync solution is built strictly with the business in mind, NOT the consumer.  DropBox and most of the other solutions out there do not give you the security or management capabilities that most businesses need.  We use CloudSync internally at aCoupleofGurus, and it has become indispensable.  I am so confident in this solution, that I am willing to give any business a 30-day free trial of the service, because I think you will love it.