Case Study: Flextech, Inc.


Flextech, Inc.

Flextech, Inc. is in its third decade of designing and fabricating flexible cellular plastic components for the medical, industrial, consumer, and personal protection markets.

Flextech’s relationship with a COUPLE of GURUS is unique in that it began over two decades ago, before the GURUS were founded by CEO Keith Schoolcraft. This is the story of partnership, and the benefits of being supported by someone who understands your business processes and goals.

The Problem

You could say Flextech CEO Willie Monteiro got lucky when he hired Keith and his team at a COUPLE of GURUS. Unlike many SMBs who only seek expert MSP service when their business suffers major IT problems, Monteiro wasn’t in that predicament.

Instead, Flextech had several nagging issues that many SMBs experience, like expensive technology, employees who lack tech savvy, and a general feeling of anxiety over the ever-changing security and IT landscape. 

When Willie Monteiro first reached out to Keith Schoolcraft, Flextech was a small company looking to grow. They didn’t know how to leverage technology to their benefit, which is why they needed a guru…a couple of them to be exact. That’s where Keith and his team came in. They spearheaded countless technology projects that have nurtured Flextech’s growth over their two-decade relationship. 

The Solution

Flextech’s partnership with a COUPLE of GURUS started with a simple solution that set the tone for their entire relationship. A traditional NetWare server was in poor shape, so Keith gave it a much needed upgrade. Updating technology has been a key theme of a COUPLE of GURUS’ support. They proactively search for ways to improve their clients’ IT and resolve problems that slow growth, which is why Flextech has never had a major IT problem under their watch. 

As a business owner, I have to worry about a lot of things, but one thing I have under control is my managed IT services. Don’t get me wrong, IT stuff always presents one sort of headache or another, but a COUPLE of GURUS has the expertise to deal with all of it.

Willie Monteiro
CEO, Flextech

As Flextech grew, the initial server upgrade was the first of many. Over time, a COUPLE of GURUS helped Flextech evolve their server environment to meet their needs and stay up-to-date with technology. They did this by reducing the number of physical servers and replacing them with virtual servers. As new technology became available, a COUPLE of GURUS implemented a cloud hybrid server setup for Flextech, which integrated local servers, virtual servers, and cloud-based services into a seamless IT ecosystem.

This gradual server transition gave Flextech better computing power and eliminated the risk of potential disasters and cyberattacks.

“We’re always asking, how are things working? Are you maximizing your technology? Is it fitting in with the current cycles of your business?”

Keith Schoolcraft

Proactivity and process are two pillars of a COUPLE of GURUS’ service. In annual meetings, they take the initiative with questions like, “What are we going to accomplish next year?”. Not only regarding IT projects, but rather, the business results the projects will create — whether that is lowering spend on IT infrastructure by 10% or improving employee productivity by automating specific tasks. 

During the course of the year, meetings are scheduled regularly to check in on Flextech’s IT. The goal is always the same: understanding how technology is working for the business and its employees, pinpointing specific areas (hardware, software, security, etc.) to upgrade, and then leveraging IT to maximize business growth.

With their consultation, we have been able to assemble a great working network that never went down all of last year. They manage our cloud resources, servers, cybersecurity, hardware, and software for us. They’ve got us set up on Microsoft Teams, which is turning out to be a great platform for enriched communication and file sharing.

Willie Monteiro
CEO, Flextec

Asking questions and initiating IT upgrades aren’t the only ways a COUPLE of GURUS is proactive. 

Most SMBs will agree that the fast-changing technology landscape hurts employee productivity and focus. This is why staff training is an ingredient of a COUPLE of GURUS’ service. They periodically train Flextech’s staff, ensuring everyone understands how to use each new piece of technology and leverage it to their gain. 

Flextech’s Microsoft 365 migration provides a perfect example of this proactive training approach. In addition to teaching staff about the platform’s different features and tools, Keith and his team also showed Flextech employees how to use them to improve communication, efficiency, and collaboration.

The Results

a COUPLE of GURUS has nurtured Flextech’s growth by creating a stable technology environment for their organization to thrive on. With few IT problems, Flextech has been able to focus on their business objectives without getting bogged down by downtime, cyberattacks, and other tech issues that stifle countless SMBs. 

“My best vendors are those who don’t give me a reason to look elsewhere. A COUPLE of GURUS is on the top of the list of those vendors. They’ve got my back and they are reliable. I highly recommend developing a relationship with them.” 

Willie Monteiro
CEO, Flextech

Today, Flextech has confidence in their IT. They’ve never been in a situation where they’ve had to squeeze their budget to keep technology efficient, their systems are always up-to-date, and staff are competent in technology.

What’s more, Monteiro knows he can count on Keith and his team because they’ve shown, time and time again, they care. For Flextech, this has resulted in a long-term partnership that’s produced more growth, more productivity, and more peace of mind.  


About Flextech, Inc.

Flextech delivers innovative, custom engineered composite materials for the medical, industrial, military, aerospace, and consumer markets. They combine engineering and design services with unique fabrication, lamination, and thermoforming capabilities to provide quality OEM components. These include knit and woven textiles, thermoplastic films, medical-grade coated fabrics, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and many other specialized materials for a diverse customer base. Flextech has partnered with a COUPLE of GURUS since 2002.