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Why you should consider a 3rd party for Office 365 backup

Have you considered a 3rd party option to secure your Office 365 data? You may be surprised to learn just how vulnerable your data is …

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The importance of a conditional access policy

The cloud has revolutionized the productivity of many firms. Stakeholders are able to easily access files, applications, and systems remotely, increasing their efficiency and flexibility. …

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5 Ways nonprofits can protect sensitive data to enable growth

It’s easy to think of nonprofits as less attractive targets to cybercriminals than businesses, but that’s precisely the thinking that puts them at risk. When …

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Healthcare, medical and future technology concept

3 Things medical device manufacturers must consider before engaging investors

Investors in medical technology are always prepared to take risks, but only within reason. To ensure you’re able to reach your target customers, you need …

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Healthcare application on touch screen.

3 Ways MSPs can facilitate innovation for medical device companies

Medical device companies do some of the most important work of all, but although the sector is receiving more funding from government-sponsored initiatives and venture …

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5 Awesome ways MSPs can help nonprofits accomplish their mission

Nonprofit organizations have a unique set of challenges. They have to deal with staffing and volunteer shortages, adhere to government regulations to maintain tax-exempt status, …

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