VoIP Phone Systems

Modern office communication.

Internet telephone plans with multimedia capabilities and low monthly costs

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology far surpasses the capabilities of a traditional phone system, and does it for far less money. VoIP takes telephone communication from landlines to the cloud, where the bandwidth makes it easy to deliver audio, video, and data to a range of devices, from desk or mobile phones to the web browser of any PC or laptop.

VoIP phones offer affordable and stable monthly costs, unlimited calling, and a range of productivity tools and access controls. a COUPLE of GURUS’ VoIP service delivers all the installation and support needed for your new, modern office phone system.

With the Advantages of VoIP Phones You Can:

Collaborate: Host conference calls, share desktops and whiteboards, and keep your stakeholders connected via any device, from anywhere

Manage Calls: Personalize greetings, screen and route callers or put them on hold, or forward calls to mobile devices

Transition Seamlessly: Adapt your legacy phones, lease new ones, or access remotely via cell phones, tablets, or any web browser

Save Money: Replace hardware maintenance and telco carrier fees with a fixed-cost, scalable cloud solution

For any sized organization, a COUPLE of GURUS is your VoIP provider for efficient cloud-based office phone installation, setup, training, and support.

IT Consulting

Project management and IT strategy planning to align your IT with your organization’s goals

Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure and application licensing services to give you a hardware and software edge.

Managed Cybersecurity

In-depth audits and cutting-edge security solutions to protect you from hackers and noncompliance.

Managed IT Services

Dedicated IT support available 24/7 to prevent tech issues and eliminate downtime.

To change the world, you’ll need IT support that is as dedicated and innovative as you are

Partner with a COUPLE of GURUS, free yourself from insufficient IT, and ensure a secure and productive future for your organization.
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