Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data is undeniably one of the most valuable assets of your company. Just think; would your business be able to function normally for a day without your data? Likely not. So doesn’t it make sense to give your data the protection it needs? At a COUPLE of GURUS, we partner with world-class vendors to deliver advanced data backup solutions for your business.

Unforeseen disasters can destroy your computers and servers without warning, as well as critical data stored within them. Without a backup strategy, it will be impossible to recover and restore your damaged or lost data.

With Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions from a COUPLE of GURUS, we offer:

  • Data backup services - secure essential business data in your devices
  • Redundancy - we make a backup of your backups for maximum protection
  • Extensive report - a thorough data backup history at your fingertips
  • Fast recovery - restore your critical data within hours, not days
  • Offsite storage - your backups are safe in our remote data center
  • Built-in retention policies - avoid heavy fines by staying compliant with regulations

Businesses that fail to have a backup strategy in place are often forced to close their doors for good in the event of a disaster. Don’t let yours be next - invest in a reliable backup solution and secure your business’s future!

Protect your precious data