How to Use an S2Score to Measure Your Organization’s Security Risk and Build Proof of Compliance


With rising cybercrime rates and increasingly advanced cybercriminals and foreign intelligence, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Your competitors and clients know this, which is why it’s no longer enough to claim your business is proficient in cybersecurity – you need to show proof to back it up.

An S2Score (previously FISASCORE) assesses the strength of your cybersecurity protocols and identifies problem areas and gaps you can improve upon.

What is an S2Score?

An S2Score is a measurement of your company’s ability to handle secure information based on a comprehensive, standardized assessment process. The S2Score evaluates your risk of a security breach – its probability and impact – and identifies where your cybersecurity is strong, where it’s lacking, and how to improve.

The S2Score was created to simplify and standardize a complex subject area. Your business can use a strong S2Score to easily convince companies considering hiring you that they can trust you to keep their information safe.

The S2Score is a free self-assessment tool based on cybersecurity requirements and best-practice controls outlined in NIST and ISO. It covers 663 security risk factors, called ‘statements’, in four security control areas:

  1. Administrative
  2. Physical
  3. Internal Technical
  4. External Technical

An S2Score can range from 300 (very poor) to 850 (excellent, and rare). It’s a metric that’s easily understood by those who are not necessarily tech-savvy, so the higher your score, the more appealing you will be to potential customers and clients.

The benefits of security risk assessment tools

Protect your reputation

A risk assessment tool helps you understand the current state of your cybersecurity, helping you mitigate risks and prevent potential breaches. It is critical to your business and the businesses you work with that you protect your valuable data. Clients won’t work with you if they don’t trust your company can protect their information. Prevention is the most cost-effective way to manage cybersecurity, since any loss of data can completely halt work or cause you to lose your clients and credibility.

Guarantee compliance

Determining your S2Score will help ensure your business remains compliant. For example, if your business contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD), an S2Score can help you prepare for CMMC compliance. Since both the S2Score and CMMC certification are based on NIST standards and controls, your score can help you to determine the areas you need to improve before seeking out a third-party assessor to certify your CMMC compliance.

Since HIPAA is also based off NIST standards and controls, the S2Score will help ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. In fact, they have a module just for HIPAA compliance.

Find vulnerabilities before they arise

Cybersecurity risk assessment tools give you advance notice on potential vulnerabilities in your security. The sooner you address an issue, the easier it will be to solve. And if you can catch a vulnerability before it exists, then that’s even better. Don’t just wait for a security breach to happen; identify any gaps in your cybersecurity before they become significant issues that interrupt both your work and cash flow.

Gain an advantage over competitors

In a competitive market, your business can stand above the rest by using a security risk analysis tool like the S2Score. A high S2Score demonstrates to prospective customers your aptitude with information security and your commitment to protecting their data.

The S2Score approach

The S2Score works by thoroughly measuring cybersecurity protocols to assess your security risk. The assessment sets a baseline, so you understand where you are now and what you need to work on.

There are 3 broad steps your business can take to evaluate and improve your cybersecurity.

  • Measure – Use the S2Score to measure your security risk and define the areas you need to improve.
  • Roadmap – Define the specific processes and milestones for making these improvements.
  • Track – As you follow your roadmap, track your progress. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Prepare for your S2Score with a COUPLE of GURUS

An S2Score can help measure your organization’s security risk and build proof of compliance. Start by taking our free Risk Assessment and getting your estimated S2Score! Or Talk to our team to learn more about this risk assessment tool. We can help you prepare for your assessment and give you specific guidance for improving your score.

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