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Commercial Partners Title

Commercial Partners Title (CPT) initially contracted aCOUPLEofGURUS in 2010 to resolve slow network speeds and update outdated backup solutions. The success of this project resulted in an ongoing Managed IT Services partnership. This case study will focus on the problems and solutions identified by aCOUPLEofGURUS’s annual technology road mapping for CPT.

The Problem

Like most companies in the Real Estate sector, Commercial Partners Title needs to keep pace with the competition. They have an ongoing need for quick customer communication, document imaging, dissemination of information, and data gathering from all over the country. Fortunately, their annual technology planning with aCOUPLEofGURUS provides them with a clear plan of action and seamless technology rollout during the year. 

The  Technology Roadmap Assessment revealed outdated hardware that lacked the horsepower to run their applications efficiently. The recent removal of some servers further compounded this.

The Solution

aCOUPLEofGURUS’s technology plan laid out a clear objective: simplify CPT’s network to make it more efficient and facilitate greater productivity. Keith and his team removed redundancy trunk on switches, repatched all switches for servers and workstations, verified phone network configurations, and configured new storage servers in Azure.

“Our business needs are impossible to accomplish without keeping up with today’s technology. The staff at aCOUPLEofGURUS provides us with the vision and support we need to keep pace in today’s Real Estate market.”

Chris Hoag
Internal IT contact, Commercial Partners Title

The Results

As a result of the improvements, productivity among all the staff increased, and CPT continues to enjoy a stable technology environment that supports their day-to-day operations. By continuing their Managed IT partnership with a COUPLE of GURUS, CPT has access to specialists who can respond quickly to any urgent IT problems while also future-proofing their technology to meet tomorrow’s goals. 

New Project (3)

About Commercial Partners Title

Commercial Partners Title (CPT) is a full-service title insurance agency located in Minneapolis, MN. Since its beginning in 1995, the company has served as a trusted partner on commercial real estate transactions.

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